A wealth of experience, knowledge of the latest trends in the interior of fashion and the market, high professionalism and attention to human desires – this gave birth to a real modern product, the doors of ELDOOR.

Our main goal is the uniqueness of the solution, the conformity of the product to individual needs. ELDOOR doors will be ideal for a wide variety of interiors. The flexibility of sizes that reach 3 meters in height and 1 meter in width allows you to enter our doors into any spaces. Doors are manufactured at a large modern ELIO factory in Kiev equipped with high-precision Homag German equipment.

ELDOOR offers three basic colors of aluminum and 45 kinds of canvas in various combinations, including painting, glass, mirror, natural wood veneer, pressed leather and porcelain stoneware. We are also ready to help in the manufacture of individual furnish.

Welded aluminum box, which is produced on special slipways, in an inert gas environment guarantees the strength of the structure. The top of the aluminum profile is anodized, which protects it from minor scratches.

The thickness of the door leaf is 50 cm, which together with the sealant along the edge of the canvas and high-quality fittings guarantees high sound insulation at 45 dB. In addition, the installation of a door closer and a sliding threshold integrated in the door leaf.

Aluminum box, integrated into the wall, fulfills the function of the “construction beacon” during the finish and ensures the reliability of the structure.

ELDOOR doors are made of the best, environmentally friendly and certified materials, with fittings from leading European manufacturers.

Attention to each stage of production gives us confidence in the quality of the products. The manufacturing time of the aluminum box is three weeks, and the warranty for the entire product is 2 years.

Because of the competent organization of production and the use of Ukrainian raw materials, we can offer competitive prices.