Space always reflects time. Modern aesthetics tends to a minimum of elements, embodying the maximum functionality. ELDOOR Doors’ Technology products meet the demands of the time even at the manufacturing stage.

The unique technology of a welded self-supporting aluminum frame makes ELDOOR Doors’ Technology construction almost unaffected by time and deformations.

The welding of the door frame is carried out on special fixture in an inert gas environment. The profile is mounted into the wall during the construction phase.

Thanks to the integrated door closer, automatic threshold and the seal on the contour of the leaf, the doors smoothly close and do not let the sound out.

The technology of the door with a welded profile allows customers to choose the door design ELDOOR Doors’ Technology – both, classic with jambs and minimalistic.

Swing doors and sliding doors, partition doors – ELDOOR Doors’ Technology products for those who appreciate the space that creates.